Book Review: Tales to Take You to Christmas by Sarah Tipper.

I love Christmas and I love books, so what’s better than combining the two?! Sarah Tipper’s book, Tales to Take You to Christmas, is packed full of 24 stories, a perfect lead up to Christmas Day!

I love short stories, they’re really satisfying especially if you have a hectic lifestyle; you can read one and not worry about the next chapter as well as being able to dip in and dip out of different stories in no particular order.

The stories are all really varied, but the writing is consistent and easy to read. I think each story is the right length to keep you interested throughout each tale. I do think some of the language is an acquired taste, such as the ‘little donkey’ reference in Follow That Star Tonight, it’s not necessarily my taste but I can imagine it would suit many readers with a certain sense of humour.

I think Fat – Her Christmas was an interesting read, I liked the focus on loving who you are, on the inside and the outside. I liked how this story unfolded and how the main character developed throughout the story.

The stories within the book are as follows:

Keep It All The Year – The love of George leads to a lifelong love of Christmas.

Lost In A Forest – Kathleen needs to come up with a name for her and Don’s new house.

The End Of The Life Of Brian – Rats and romance combine in this tale.

Pastry Plaster Plan For Patiently Pleasing Previously Perturbed People –
Mince pie munching helps Roberta to cheer up in time for Christmas.

Deck The Halls – Communal living works out for the best, despite Jemima’s fears.

I Got Your Mum Alan Titchmarsh – Unlimited text messages between husband and wife help with Christmas plans.

Shirley’s Cold Cutz – Mrs C spends a pleasant few hours gossipping at the hairdressers.

Fat – Her Christmas – Mary learns to listen to the positive people and become one of them.

YulaTron 3000 – This robot promises to be your festive metal pal that does the job so well.

Teenage Cleans Are Hard To Beat – Melinda’s Christmas is made when she meets Simon in a launderette.

Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – Karen is surprised to find that Santa was in her year at school.

The Bell – Donna feels grateful for being in the here and now in nineteen-eighty-three.

Bring Me Sunshine – Nancy hopes her daughter Lisa’s news will be met with understanding by the rest of the family.

Follow That Star Tonight – Lothario Terry strums his guitar to great effect and Jan is smitten.

Secret Santa – Lily finds the perfect gift for Edna after a prickly conversation.

The Freegle Has Landed – Peter’s big garage bill means Melanie has to budget very wisely for Christmas shopping.

Redemption – Ella has got into a pickle and isn’t looking forward to Christmas at all.

Got to Have Christmas Dinner For Christmas Dinner – Six people, six
opinions on the yummiest thing to eat on the twenty-fifth of December.

Late Night Thursday – Maureen watches regular customers as they shop before Christmas nineteen-eighty-eight.

The Harvest Mouse Party – Christine suspects that mice inhabit the hedgerow she walks past every day on her way to school.

Monologue – Liz reflects on life and love while preparing to write her Christmas cards.

I Bet You Have A Great Christmas 1995 – Charlene is happiest when playing guessing games.

Pullit-on-Three – Christmas cracker jokes are created in the charming town of Pullit-on-Three.

If I Had a Magic Wand in December… – Some thoughts on how the festive season should be.

I think this book is a great idea in the lead up to the big day, with lots of Christmas themed stories and anecdotes, perfect for reading together at bedtime, although the stories wouldn’t really be suitable for children. I sat in bed with Warren having a read though, and it was very sweet and festive indeed.

You can get a copy of Tales to Take You to Christmas from Amazon from £7.13.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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