Book Review: Suzie's Messy Room Diane N. Quintana & Jonda S. Beattie

This week we’ve been working with Books and the Bear to review a copy of Suzie’s Messy Room by Diane N. Quintana & Jonda S. Beattie.
I settled down with George to read it and we started off by discussing what we thought the book might be about. Yes, the title is self-explanatory I suppose, but it’s nice to go through this process and talk about our different ideas.
We began reading and George relaxed beside me- always a good sign! He snuggled into me as I read, he asked questions and interacted with the story, which is always awesome.
For me, the illustrations were missing something. I’m into quite quirky and unusual illustrations and this book didn’t quite do it for me. George said nothing about them so maybe it is me with peculiar taste!
The story, along with the guidance notes at the back, is really essential reading for parents with their children. It’s so important for parents to show their children how proud they are of them, that life isn’t perfect and trying is what absolutely counts.
When the book came to an end I asked George what he thought and he told me he wished it had been a bit longer 🙂
I think we’d give this book a 7/10!


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