Book Review: So The Doves by Heidi James.

I love a good book,
it’s so important to share the word when it comes to well written
stories with beautiful descriptions and life-like characters. The
first thing I loved about So The Doves by Heidi James was actually
the cover, it’s hauntingly beautiful and it really drew me in. As for
the storyline, I wasn’t so convinced I’d love it, but this wasn’t
going to stop me from trying…

So The Doves Book Review

The story follows
Marcus, an award-winning journalist sent back to his past on a
journey to discover the truth behind a mysterious body found in his
home town. As soon as he enters into the past things start to change
and he starts to lose control on reality, torn between dealing with
his current problems and the memories of the past, Marcus must figure
out the answers before it’s too lateā€¦

I really didn’t know
how I’d feel about this book, mostly because the storyline didn’t
jump out at me, but I honestly couldn’t put this book down. Being
thrown into the late 80’s/early 90’s was a good feeling; the music
and style of the decade mash-up was so awesome and I immediately fell
in love with Melanie, Marcus’s best friend, as soon as she became
part of the story.

James’s writing
style is so rare; her descriptive qualities are beautiful and each
time she sent a scene I felt plunged into the world of Marcus and his
life. From the descriptions of characters to scenes, I devoured
James’s words; they were so descriptive and (at times) colourful. At
other times it was a gritty read, with plenty of darkness and depth.

The storyline was
easy to follow, yet at the same time I felt it was unpredictable, the
book always held a little back (for me anyway) and I love that. It
kept the truth just at arms length, which kept me ploughing on at
lightning speed through the book!

The characters were
perfectly written, from Marcus to Mel, to their mothers and beyond, I
felt a big sense of character development as well clever dialogue and
descriptions. I also loved the length of the chapters, they were
perfect for dipping in and out of when you’re busy and on the go
without losing track of the story.

I obviously don’t
want to give too much away, but this book is really fantastic and
perfect for readers who love gritty crime stories. For me though, the
book was about Melanie, and I wanted more of her. I would love a
sequel to this from her point of view because she was so well written
and it was the kind of book that, when I finished reading it, I felt
really sad it was over.

I highly recommend
you grab yourself a copy, I have a feeling this book is going to be
big. As for Heidi James, well I’m waiting for the next book with
baited breath.


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