Book Review: The Reindeer and the Swallow by John Harris and Zara Harrison.

Book Review: The Reindeer and the Swallow by John Harris and Zara Harrison.

We were recently sent The Reindeer and the Swallow to feature on the blog, and I’m so thrilled to be able to tell you all about it. The story follows a Swallow who, when he loses track of the other birds migrating to Africa, falls and lands on Reindeer’s back. Reindeer offers to take him to Africa and for years they continue with this ritual until one day Swallow is too weak for the journey…
This book arrived and we read it one day after dinner. Everyone listened intently as we followed Swallow’s journey, as he creates a lifelong friendship with the Reindeer. The writing is very eloquent and easy to read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it aloud to the children. I love Harris’s use of words and deep descriptions, as well as the story as a whole.

The illustrations are very magical, with an air of vintage style to them they bring Christmas to life upon the page. They are colourful, festive and full of so much charm. They lead you further into the world of the swallow and the reindeer rendering you helpless towards the end of the story… Yes, I cried!

We were all sat around the table and engrossed when I felt the tear prick my eyes; I found it quite emotional and moving as the story unfolded. It’s a tale of friendship and trust, love and kindness as well as dedication.  George and Molly also listened intently and felt sad towards the end, it’s definitely a book we all enjoyed together and it captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly.

I think this book is perfect for the festive season, and you can get a copy from Amazon for £7.61.

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