Book Review: Lucy’s Fingley Discovery by Daisa Morgan.

We were recently sent a copy of Lucy’s Fingley Discovery by Daisa Morgan. The story follows Lucy, a young girl who isn’t very good at keeping her room tidy, or cleaning up after herself around the house. In particular she avoids cleaning out her hamster’s cage. When Lucy is taken on an adventure with her bear Dodl, she learns how keeping on top of mess and taking care of her pet hamster is more important than she thought…


We read this book over a week or two at bed time, and George and Molly both enjoyed it. They liked listening to Lucy’s adventures and the different creatures she meets along the way.

It was very easy to read, but I felt sometimes the chapters were quite long, so I ended up reading half a chapter one night and finishing it off the next. Apart from this, it was an easy read, and a story everyone enjoyed over the time we read it together.

I really liked the concept of a child not really appreciating what their parents do for them, especially with regards to taking care of a pet. I think it’s great for children to understand how they can help help out and how satisfying it is to do so (I know, I am not a fan of cleaning either, but still…).

I really think the book rubbed off on George…


He ended up hoovering several rooms and the stairway! I was so shocked, and actually it would have been so easy to say, ‘No, it’s fine. I’ll do it, George…’ but I refrained from hogging Henry the hoover and I helped him do it instead.

I think perhaps Molly is a little young for this kind of story, but George really kept up with the story, and he understood it!

It’s a sweet read, with the magical worlds and creatures used perfectly to teach Lucy how easy it is to take care of the world around her.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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