Book Review: James and the Birthday Balloon.

Book cover (two children and two ballons) with title 'Book Review'.

Reading books together is one of our very simple pleasures, from long fantastic tales to picture books, we devour them like candy. James and the Birthday Balloon is the second installment since James and the Amazing Gift, written and illustrated by Nicola J Rowley.

James is one of those characters we all hope exist; he is kind and sweet and very calm under pressure. In this story he is going to his friend Ruby’s birthday party and he simply cannot wait, but when he gets there something happens that could potentially ruin Ruby’s big day. As ever, James is there to make everything better, from his smile to his acts of kindness he makes sure Ruby finshes her birthday with a smile on her face.

Two children on a book cover with a red and a blue balloon.

George and Molly really enjoyed reading this book, from the basic storyline to the illustrations they were really interested and focused on what was happening. The illustrations are bright and colourful, and the story is well constructed. 

A page insidea book with two children laughing and holding balloons. Bunting and people in the background.

A blonde boy holding a balloon and smiling.

I think the storyline is positive and a brilliant example of how we should all behave towards each other; with kindness and compassion. James a sweet little boy with a big heart and I love the idea that the message of kindness is passed from the book to every child tha reads it.

I also love the fact that for each copy sold supports Evelina London Children’s Hospital; such an amazing way to support a fantastic charity.

Nicola has produced a sweet, interesting and positive main character, with a story that children can truly relate to.

A boy and girl holding balloons.


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