Book Review – The Children’s Meditations: In my Heart.

I’ve been very keen to look at meditation this year, so when we were offered the chance to review The Children’s Meditations: In my Heart, I was so excited! I think today’s world is so full of stress and worry, so having a guide and an outlet to remove all of these anxious feelings and relax (especially before bed) is a must-have!

 In my Heart is a lovely collection of four short stories, each one building on the one before. The stories focus on love and filling our hearts with love, as well as how to feel secure and safe within ourselves. It’s set out with simple instructions for the reader, as well as lovely and well written stories to guide children into a relaxed state.

Molly and I love taking part in yoga sessions together at home, so I thought this would be perfect for her. When we settled down to try the book out for the first time Molly was quite wriggly, but George really got into it, so both children really surprised me. We began in a dimly lit room with both children laying down with their eyes closed as I began to read…

There was a little fidgeting at first, but eventually both children settled down and really began listen to the words as I spoke. I felt it very easy to read, and by the end I actually felt very emotional and completely full of love for my children. It was very special and when I’d finished I realised George was sound asleep and Molly was more relaxed than usual at bedtime!

I would like to continue exploring this lovely book during the daytime and regularly at bedtime, to ease the stresses of the day as well as bring us all closer.  I think it really works when it comes to relaxation and focus, as well as reinforcing the bond between parent and child.

I think it’s so important to focus on the love within ourselves and the love we feel for one another, and this book is a great way to support this and foster strong relationships between parents and children. The book also deals with love when we’re apart, sending and receiving love and sharing love with the universe.

I’d highly recommend this book for families, to encourage connections and to help grow the love between parents and children as well as caregivers and siblings.

You can get your own copy of In my Heart from Amazon with prices starting from £14.95 for a hardback copy.


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