Book Review: Captain Pug by Laura James

When Captain Pug arrived in the post, George and Molly were very excited to read it! The bright cover alone was enough to gain their interest.
This edition is called ‘The Dog Who Sailed the Sea’, and it follows Pug on his adventure. There are six chapters, and I had imagined us reading one a night. However, as we sat snuggled together on the bed, the chapters flew by with laughter and concern for the lost pug.
Each time I finished a chapter, the kiddies asked for more. It was great seeing them so engaged in the story and empathising with both Pug and his owner.
This book is great, it explores so many themes and helps children look at their own concerns and fears of the world. It’s a very easy read from an adult’s point of view also, I didn’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of each chapter; it was a joy to read.
Everybody loves a pug, and all Molly kept saying was how cute he was! The illustrations were really adorable, bright and lively. They moved along with the action in the book and kept my five and six year old fully enthralled in the story.
George and Molly adore this book, as do I! I think it’s a great starter book if you want ot introduce your kid(s) to chapter books. Molly usually gets bored with lengthy books but she did not get bored with Captain Pug!
We give Captain Pug 9/10!
Disclosure: I received this book free in exchange for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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