Book Crafts: Mambo & Bambang.

I’m really excited about a new feature on our blog, combining books and crafts! We haven’t written a book review in ages, but the future plan is to combine books and crafts, and we’re starting off with Mambo and Bambang (check out my review here).

We adored this book, and from it we were able to create some wonderful craft related activities. There are four stories within the book, so we focused on the ones we could translate into a craft. The first one we decided to work on was Snow Day. George and Molly suggested making snow slime, and it turned out really well!

We made our slime recipe without adding a colour, check out our video below for the simple recipe:

Instead of adding colour, we used tiny polystyrene balls in one mixture and in another we added glitter and snowflakes!

We love making slime, and this was a particularly satisfying one to make and play with! The texture was amazing and leaving it stark white was also refreshing compared to adding colour. 

The other craft we had a go a was making little tapiers! They really are the sweetest animals, and we love Bambang so much. We’ve been attending lots of clay classes, and George and Molly have both learnt so many techniques, so they led the way. 

We basically had a small ball of clay each and rolled it into a small ball, poking a hole in the bottom.

After this we added smaller peices or scratched in elements of their faces with some pottery tools. It was fun and intricate and it linked so perfectly to the book…

They’re so cute, and they’re the kind of creations George and Molly can play with, they love little animals and toys they can create worlds and go on adventures with!

We’ve also looked at rockets and Egyptian themed craft for this book, there’s a lot to choose from and I’ll add all the extra craft here if we do them.

I hope you like our ideas and check back soon for our next book and crafts blog post! 

Disclosure: We received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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