Bohemian Like Me

I’m not one for labels, really… however, there is one that I adore more than any other and that’s being ‘bohemian’. Ever since Moulin Rouge came into my life I connected with the ethos of the bohemian folk; love, freedom, passion, wandering, non-conformist… it’s just so beautiful.
I read this post last week and felt less alone. It said everything, I loved the tongue-in-cheek style but also the pure acknowledgement that bohemian translates into something quite special. I feel very lucky to see the world through my eyes, something I can thank my parents, life experiences, imagination and my heart for… of course, my own little family have only made my bohemian outlook even more edgy, they have encouraged my dreams and supported my writing, they see the beauty in little things and we go against the grain as a team.
This quote sums me up, really… When I met Warren I was s commitment phobic free spirited gal, so when things got serious I pushed him away. They greatest thing he ever did was let me be. He didn’t pressure me, he let me get on with what I had to do, then I came back to him, because I knew he would never hold me back.
Now I realise he was always as wild as me…
For me, creativity and following your heart are key to a happy lifestyle. I write and it makes me happy. I listen to music and it makes me happy. Warren sings and it makes him happy. George and Molly, they do all the things that make them happy and this is the true meaning of living….
So, I think it’s safe to say we’ve found our way in this ‘weary world’ and we seem to fit the bohemian vibe… and I’m alright with that. It doesn’t mean to say I go around boxing people, all I’m saying is that I’ve found my thing. I’m open and willing to fnially embrace it, and it feels damn good.
I think the beauty in the human race is the sheer diversity… isn’t it wonderful how different we all are?
What’s your way of life and thinking?


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