Beautiful Worcester

Beautiful Worcester

Last weekend we took a trip to Worcester to visit our adorable friend and take her some cake. When we arrived I was completely blown away by the beauty of the place. Every which way I looked I saw gorgeous views, interesting buildings and such a wide expanse of beauty…
When we arrived we went for a wander along the river. It was stunning and whilst watching the boats pass by it ended up turning into a mini nature trail…

When it was time to see our lovely friend we had tea and cake, the most amazing cake ever… You see, my friend is a huge Bon Jovi fan, so I managed to get an awesome cake made by the gorgeously talented lady at Caaake!
Afterwards we headed to the local Zizzi’s and had delicious food (and vino!), they had a really cool waiting area, the kids loved it!
The wander around town continued and we found even more beautiful sights. It truly is a peaceful and uplifting part of the UK.
When it was time to go I was sad to say goodbye to Worcester, and even sadder to say goodbye to my friend. There’s only one answer to this problem though, go back and visit this beautiful place again, it’s a total win-win trip!
Have you been to Worcester? Did you enjoy your visit there?


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