#backtoSmiggle Blogger Event

On Thursday we had a quite a hectic day, we managed to squeeze in quite a lot! We went to see the new BFG movie (see my review here), we went for our favourite kinda lunch (Subway!) and we made a pitstop at Hamley’s to see the Sylvanian Family performance. Molly adores Sylvanians so she was super happy to meet them in real life!
Aside from all those great things, there was one reason we were up at 6am that day, and that was to attend Smiggle’s #backtoSmiggle Blogger Event. We arrived at the store just before 9am, it was closed off just for the bloggers and their kiddiebops. We were treated to coffee, tea, juice and breakfast rolls and whilst we rehydrated (45 minutes on the train with business folk certainly dehydrates me!) we had a wander around the cute store situated in St David’s Way near Boots and Primark.
The store is so incredibly bright and neat; right up my street! You can’t beat that kinda organisation. I actually didn’t realise that Smiggle stocked such a variety of items, from watches to water bottles, there was a surprises around every corner. After a good nose around we listened to a little presentation all about Smiggle.
Smiggle began in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. They began opening stores in the UK in 2014, and the Cardiff store opened nearly a year ago. I never knew the name was created by mashing two words together: smile and giggle makes Smiggle! How fab is that?!
Their products are very inventive, such as pencil cases that open to create a tray for ease of use, secret section pencil cases and George’s all-time favourite item, a spy pen.They also stock something called Spikeys, a series (this is series 2) of collectable toys for £7 each. You pick a box and have no idea what’s inside, if you get a duplicate you can always trade with your friends, plus there’s a secret Spikey nobody knows about until it’s found- how exciting is that! You also get a free poster to keep track of those you’ve collected. These will be available in store and online in 2 weeks…
We had such a lovely time at the event, meeting all the other lovely bloggers; there was even a raffle and one lucky blogger won £200 worth of vouchers. George and Molly also entered a competition to design a Smiggle backpack, this competition ends on 6th September, so get down there quick to enter. Three winners will have their backpacks created by Smiggle.
We ended up purchasing a few bits and bobs, George bought a cool pencil case and the spy pen and Molly bought a pen and a pack of animal erasers. You can pick up a Craver Saver card when you make a purchase at the till, the member of staff will give you a stamp per £10 spent and when you get 10 stamps you receive a free gift. When we left we were given a goodie bag to share with a notepad and some colouring pens.
Their current focus is on the ‘Sidekicks’ range ready for kids going back to school (or those who home educate but still fancy a bit of cool stationary!). There are five characters in the range and you can choose from bags to pencil cases and all that’s in between.
We had a great day in Cardiff, there was lots to do and plenty to see! Don’t forget to head down to Smiggle next week when they will be celebrating one year in St David’s!
Disclosure: I attended the event adn received one goodie bag in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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