Angels & Cookies: Perfect for Everyone!

We love a spot of baking, but often it’s difficult to get the right ingredients to suit all our wonderful friends and family members who may have allergies, intolerances or certain food preferences. Angels & Cookies have created an amazing collection of ready made gourmet cookie doughs to tantalise your taste buds that are suitable for all types of folk…
There’s nothing better than sharing your yummy treats, right? But if you use something that might make your friends ill, well it’s not so much fun! Angels and Cookies take the stress away with their £7.99 pots of pre-made dough. We received two flavours to try out; chocolate chip cookie dough and gingerbread and spice.

Along with our dough we were sent a pot of Animal Crackers to try! I adored how both the dough and the animal crackers were presented. The pots are simply gorgeous and the whole design definitely gives a very high-end quality feel to the products. The animal crackers were SO cute and we all dived in ha!

To start with we tried out their gingerbread and spice dough and wow, did it bring the smell of Christmas into our kitchen! The flavours are very strong, something I love, but my kids weren’t as keen. They have quite plain tastes in flavours, so this just wasn’t for them. More for the grown-ups, right?!

Luckily for the kiddiebops we were also given chocolate chip cookie dough to try out, and wow they loved it! They made chunkier cookies this time around and my first bite reminded me of the cookie dough you can only purchase in restaurants, never something you can make yourself at home. Also (and this is the best bit!), you can eat the dough right from the pot without cooking it. Nom, nom, nom…

These are wonderful cookies; nut, dairy, gluten, wheat and egg free means that everyone can indulge without the worry of someone either being ill or not being able to take part in enjoying tasty treats.

Birthdays, Christmas and any sort of get together can be more enjoyable (and stress free!) with these pots of delicious joy!

Now, where did I leave the plate of cookies… 😉

Disclosure: We received cookie dough and crackers in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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