And I love him…

And I love him…

It’s our wedding anniversary on Monday and it really had me thinking about how our lives have (and haven’t!) changed. It made me think about how my love for Warren has grown; it’s bizarre the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach still when I see him, even after 9 years of marriage.

I think we’re destined to suffer because of our love, a bit like Romeo and Juliet (minus the deaths…) or something, but everyone tells me I’m mad. I mean, I know I’m mad and I know it’s irrational to put all our bad fortune down to being in love, but something definitely makes me feel that way…

Maybe it’s because I love him SOOOOOO much? Yes, get your buckets now because this is going to be a puke fest…

Anyway, I’m feeling nostalgic and in love; especially since we seem to live off love these days (money is not our friend!). So I thought I’d write about how life is (and isn’t) different to all those years ago…

1. We didn’t have kids back then.

Well, only for a short while. We met in March 2007, dated, split up, got back together and married December 11th 2008. In 2009 we had George. So we had nearly 2 years of just us and I can’t really remember what it was like… apart from lots of wine, lots of kissing, lots of love! And now it’s the four of us, and it’s magical still…

2. My Dad was around.

God we miss him. Even during the bleakest of times (right now!), just seeing his face would make us feel better. I think if I could change anything at all it would be this…

3. We still have no money.

Warren always says two ‘creatives’ can’t be together and have money. Is he right?! I dunno. But with his music, his student life, my writing, my blog and all that’s in between, we have a creative and interesting life, but it comes with its financial challenges!

4. We have a dog.

Ha! I had to mention him, right?! Ziggy has been a fab addition to the Allen Clan and I can’t imagine life without him (well, our house might not smell so much haha!). I know that when we’re feeling blue a brisk dog walk or cuddle with Ziggy makes us all feel better!

5. Warren still has a a beard.

When I met him he had a very slight beard line thingamajig, now it’s a full on Dad beard and we all bloody love it! I kinda wish it was bigger. His beard. I mean his beard!

6. We live in Cardiff again.

We first lived in Roath together, and now we’re in Cathays. After living in Llantrisant for so long it’s lovely to be back in the city with everything on our doorstep.

7. We still love zombies.

You may recall our zombie wedding topper if you were around all those years ago, well we probably love zombies even more these days.

8. We still have secret ‘in jokes’!

My favourite thing about ANY relationship is having ‘in jokes’ and being able to say one word and make the other person laugh. One of ours is ‘Nata’ and if I told you the story, you wouldn’t think it was funny. So I won’t.

9. We’ve grown older.

I see it less in Warren and more in myself. Sneaky wrinkles and an ever-expanding butt, I can tell my age has really hit home. I dream of the days when I was a size 10 or when I’d get asked for ID at the shop… those were the glory days!

10. We’re more in love.

We argue, we disagree, we bicker, we moan, but I honestly believe we’re more in love than ever before. How do I know this?! Well, when the sh** hits the fan we stick together, we don’t let the other person down and we stay strong. We also kiss. A lot!

So happy 9th anniversary, Warren. You are, and always will be, the most perfect person to me.


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