All of the emotions and more: Bowie Experience at St David’s Hall.

Last night Warren
and I headed to St David’s Hall in Cardiff to catch the BowieExperience. I was a tad nervous, since his death I haven’t quite
reached a point where I can listen to endless Bowie because I find it
too emotional, but I knew this was the perfect way to face grief head

There was a fab
atmosphere at the hall and it was great to see that security measures
have been increased to keep everybody safe. It was soon time for the
show to begin so we found our seats and held our breath, unsure of
what was to come…

The show opened with
a powerful rendition of Space Oddity, giving me tingles down my spine
and a tear in my eye. Laurence Night made his presence known as he
enunciated the lyrics with a Bowie twang and his powerful voice
travelled across the theatre. Behind him were an array of talented
performers and the large screen at the back of the stage provided
visual elements to the performance.

When it comes to
talent I have to say I was completely blown away by guitarist Tim
Wedlake, who provided no end of wonderful guitar solos. Emily
Westwood also blew my mind as she performed, she completely wowed the
audience with her saxophone skills and her presence on stage was
joyous and full to the brim with energy. The musicians were so
impressive and each performer offered a different layer to each song,
I particularly liked Stuart Darling’s performance on the keyboard
during the show.

As for the selection
of songs on offer, vintage Bowie fans will not be disappointed. I am
much more into the pre-2000 Bowie music, especially songs from his
early years so I was totally in my element with the show. My
favourite Bowie song, Ziggy Stardust (yes, Ziggy’s namesake…) was
great to hear, but there were times during this song and a few others
where I felt Night over-exaggerated Bowie’s characteristically quirky
voice. It was amazing to see such dedication to the legend that is
(not was!) Bowie though, and it was obvious how much Night adores
him. I also had a little tummy flip when Sound & Vision was performed!

Some songs really
surprised me, and I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two during
both acts. Songs that stood out for me include Ashes to Ashes,
Aladdin Sane, The Man Who Sold The World and Young Americans and Warren loved Rebel Rebel and
Heroes. We also adored their performance of All the Young Dudes with
the encouragement for the audience to take part. At times it felt
like I was listening to the real Starman, and it gave me undeniable
goosebumps! A memorable moment for me was their rendition of Under
Pressure, a powerful and emotional duet between Night and
Charlotte-Elizabeth Talbot. This was a beautiful moment between the
two talented performers and Talbot’s voice was utterly outstanding. 

You could tell there
is a good relationship between the performers, the stage was full of
interaction, communication and love. Night was particularly sweet
with a mention of all the staff involved in the show, from lighting
to costume, and all that’s in between, he was super respectful. He
also handled the hecklers well, I for one thought it was pretty rude
to shout out requests when Night was trying to tell a Bowie anecdote.
Much like leaving your litter strewn across the floor after the show,
it’s just not cool.

The show was
definitely more interesting than I expected, and I adored the costume
changes and song choices. I think Night is fantastic as Bowie, and
not once did I feel irritated by his performance, mostly because it
was blatantly obvious how much he adores the late star. I also think
Night is just a super nice guy, with a lot of passion and bags of

It was also mega
emotional to see the vast array of generations within the room,
dancing and singing along to the beautiful music. To the kid who was
dancing by himself, you rocked and it made me wonder why I hadn’t
brought my two along to boogie!

We had a fab night
and it was pretty special to learn that it was their last show from
their current tour, but don’t worry because they’ll be reworking the
show for a month or so ready to wow us all with more Bowie goodness.

This show is perfect
for any Bowie fans young or old, or for anyone who wants a fab
evening out, and I will definitely be booking up again to see their
new tour when it comes to Cardiff!

Disclosure: I
received tickets in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100%
honest and my own.

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