A wonderful day out at Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall…

This weekend we were invited out to Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall, a lovely historical place that’s still in existence thanks to National Trust. We were really excited as we all bundled in the van and headed away from home, ready for an adventure!

Located in Neath, the wondrous historical site is about 55 minutes away from Cardiff by car, and 45 minutes from Llantrisant. It’s very easy to find and there’s a small free car park opposite and extra parking spaces nearby the entrance (these spaces are limited to a maximum of 3 hours.).

Before you even enter the building to go and explore, you can check out the lovely coffee shop, where you can grab a coffee and a piece of cake before you start your adventure!

We went straight to the front desk and we were greeted very warmly by the staff. We decided to grab a drink and a bite to eat before exploring, and even though the menu isn’t extensive, it was all very delicious! 

Once we’d filled our bellies, it was time to explore. George wanted to be in charge, so with map in hand he led the way!

The bridge was a big hit and if there wasn’t so much to see I think a game of Pooh Sticks would have been so great! There’s always next time, right?!

I can’t explain it, but there was just such a great vibe; relaxing, educational and so full of wildlife and nature. I particularly loved the atmosphere near the waterfall, and I managed to capture birds skimming the water (yes, I nearly cried!) in this video:

There are lots of different areas to explore, from the ruins to the historical buildings as well as a 20 minute film all about the history of the Tin Works. 

The mini cinema experience was really wonderful, I felt it help give such a rich and colourful background to the history and future of the place. I loved watching George and Molly listen and ask questions about the video, learning about the background of the Tin Works and how life was for children all those years ago…

I loved all the ruins and beautiful backdrop with the waterfall rushing along behind them, it has such a special vibe. 

It was so lovely to spend quality time with my three, everyone had so much fun and there was so much laughter as we explored. It was great because George and Molly never once stopped asking questions, so we were constantly learning as we went as well as having lots of fun.
We learnt all about the tin sheet trade, and Warren explained to us how the working men would sweat from their boots because it was so hot!
There is also a room full of self-drected learning and crafts near the gift shop, but we only discovered it on our way out. There were lots of colouring in sheets and activities, and even scavenger hunts for the children to complete on the day. We spent quite a lot of time in the self-directed learning area, and George
and Molly seemed to swallow up the fresh air and freedom of the place.

There was also a quaint book shop with books, DVDs and CDs all on sale. It was fab to be able to have a nose in there. 

Aberdulais is a place full of wonder and magic and I think it has something for everyone. For Warren is was all about the historical context, I adored the romance and beauty of the waterfall and George and Molly loved it all, especially the ‘play factor’. The most amazing thing is how National Trust have managed to preserve this wonderful place and how they plan to keep it going through the help of the public. Places such as these should never be destroyed, they’re steeped in history and tradition, and it’s thanks to the people that visit and the National Trust that we are all able to be a part of that.

Adults prices are £5.00 (£5.50 gift aided), children £2.50 (£2.75 gift aided) and for a family it costs £12.50 (£13.75 gift aided). 

Disclosure: We received entry in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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