A Sneak Peek Into our Home Education for a Week- Day 2!

Today has been a weird one. Firstly, the kids woke up still shattered from cicrus last night because it always creates a late night for us due to dinner being eaten at 7pm instead of 5pm. Secondly, we had to wait in for a very special delivery. So, today was a mostly-spent-at-home-day…
We relaxed a little this morning, reading library books and tidying George and Molly’s bedroom. Then George opened a temporary tattoo shop in the bathroom which was pretty funny!
We then had a go at making some delicious cookies before creating self-portraits. I’m trying to encourage George and Molly to think about themselves; what they’re like, what their interests are, what they look like… We were covered in paint by the time lunch time arrived! But before we sat down to eat, this amazing thing arrived in the post and we began assembling it!
After lunch we spent some time writing about ourselves, ‘I love…’ ‘I like…’ etc. Huge moment of heart swelling for me when George wrote, ‘I want the war to end…’ Once we’d finished off writing about ourselves we went and found a puzzle George received for his birthday. It was quite a tough one but we managed to piece it all together eventually!
Then we went to read more of our library books as well as counting out their savings. They broke my coat stand and I said they’d need to replace it, so they worked out how much they had beetween them (Don’t worry, I won’t make them buy a new one!).
I’ve also spent a bit of time reading to them about the stars and dinosaurs throughout the day; this has been a great way to start discussions about the world and the planets, evolution and Earth.
At around 4pm their friend and his lovely mum arrived to pick them up for a playdate at their house. George and Molly jumped into the car and had a lovely afternoon at their friend’s house.
When they came home they had a little go in their new car, ate dinner, had a bath and played for a bit before bed.
So, that’s day 2. How was your day?


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