‘A Sneak Peek into Our Home Education Week’ Day Seven

Today is Sunday and it’s been fairly relaxing. We made a decision (since Warren started working mostly Mon-Fri) that Sunday would be our ‘stay close to home day’, unless something amazing was going on. So today we (me and the kiddies!) spent half the day in PJs watching movies and learning to knit!
George went out with Warren to get lunch and Molly and I bumbled about around the house and then we built our Zoo mask.
Then we had lunch and went into the garden to garden/play/tidy. Once we’d worn ourselves out we all hopped in the car to grab some Halloween bits and spend a bit of their pocket money.
We came home and Warren and George played on the video games for a bit whilst Molly and I had a go at balloon modelling 🙂
The day has been full of cuddles, dancing, laughter and love.
So this has been an example of just one of our home education weeks… they vary depending on home ed meet ups, activities booked and how well everyone is. But I suppose the most important thing I’ve realised this week is how happy they both are, how much they’re learning, how much their confidence has grown.
And, although this life suits them, it’s always their choice as to whether they stay home ed or not. The most important thing is their happiness.
How was your week?


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