A Sneak Peek into Our Home Education Week- Day 6

Today Warren was off work so it meant some adventuring (because I don’t drive). These days are often spent visiting places we would struggle to get to on public transport.
This morning started off with an hour session at Pyjama Drama. George and Molly hadn’t been for ages, and Molly in particular loved being back! Whilst they were there Warren and I snuck off to Tesco for a coffee, chat and a quick Halloween Party shop around because we’re having a pre- Halloween party next week!
Once we’d collected the kiddiebops from their drama session, we headed home for some lunch and then we all bundled in the car (dogface too!) and headed to Merthyr Mawr. We’ve never been here before, but one of our friends told us all about it and we couldn’t wait to see it. When we arrived we were blown away…
We raced (!!!) up to the top and kept going for a bit, the views were stunning! The kids love a good adventure, as do we! On the way back down the kiddies stopped to have a bit of sand play…
Then we headed back to the car and to a few shops to do a few different jobs. Whilst Warren shopped with George, Molly sat with me in the car and worked through a letter and word work-book. She is really interested in learning, so it’s not hard to help or encourage her 🙂
After this we had dinner and then we spent a couple of hours playing in the garden and weeding whilst Warren sorted out the new washing line.
It’s been a pretty interesting day and as you can see, our version of home education doesn’t fit the 9-3 hours, it’s something that ebbs and flows with each day, learning from the minute you wake til the minute you sleep, even on the weekends…
How has your home ed Saturday been? x


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