A Sneak Peek into our Home Education Week – Day 3!

Sorry this is late folks, I was at John Lewis last night checking out their gorgeous Christmas collection, so I didn’t have time to post this yesterday…
So yesterday was a lovely crisp sunny day and we started it off by filling out invitations for our pre-Halloween party… George and Molly are both very excited about this, so I had no problems getting them to help out. Then we all got ready, popped to the shops and bought stamps, posted the ones that needed posting and then headed to people’s houses to post invites…

This was really cute and along the way we bumped into lots of people we knew. We played in the Castle grounds and all gave speeches on our Speech Stone hidden in the secret den, and Molly found an awesome leaf!
Afterwards we walked all around Old Llantrisant dropping off our invites and before we headed home it was only fair to let them have a play in the park!
On our way home we bumped into a lovely man we know who let the kids have their pick of things he was getting rid of. They both zoned in on the Christmas stuff and Molly happily walked home with a Santa hat on her head!
When we got home they played with their Story Stones whilst I made lunch and after lunch they helped me weed the front garden area and they decided to clean the front window, and what an awesome job they did.
After this they begged and pleaded to have a go in their electric car, and who am I to say no?! By the end of it George had learnt to park?! Not bad for 7!

The day flew by and soon it was time for gymnastics class for Molly. We headed to Talbot Green and met Warren and they went to gymnastics and I headed to Cardiff. Time flew by, but it was an awesome day!


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