A Sneak Peek into Our Home Education for a Week – Day 1

Wow, it’s 7.50pm and I’m pooped! It’s been quite a busy day, with lots of time spent outside. The sun has been shining and there’s that kind of crisp air that makes you realise winter’s on its way!
The first thing we did today was head out with the dog, which became an adventure in itself! George started a game of running down a steep hill, it was hilarious! After we’d giggled ourselves silly they moved on to jumping across large rocks near our leisure centre.
After the dog walk we headed to the library. We needed to register and it was a good excuse to spend a bit of time reading together and choosing books to take home to read. It was nice watching George read to himself, and Molly was in her element picking out lots of books for us to read together.
After the library, the park was calling! We played chase and I even had a little go on the swing!
We had an awesome time and afterwards we headed to the shops to grab a magazine. Molly really wanted to get one so she could enter a competition, and when we got home (whilst I made lunch), she drew a picture for a Peppa Pig competition 🙂 Whilst George read his magazine Molly and I finished off her birthday invitations and popped them all into their envelopes.
After lunch we opened our Wicked Uncle package that had arrived this morning, it was so exciting, but more about that in my review post!
Then we headed into the garden to pick apples from the apple tree. This turned into a clearing the garden game, then they both decided to make a nest and collect food for the birds. It was so sweet!
Time flew and all of a sudden we were out the door and on our way to circus class in Cardiff. The kids love it and today they had a go at juggling!
So, that was day one of our home ed week…!
What was yours like?


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