A Magical Easter at Bryngarw Country Park.

Easter egss on the muddy ground with title on top.
*Thanks to Bryngarw for having us for review this weekend! All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Easter seems to have arrived without warning, and with it we’ve had a lot of poorly bugs in the house. They’ve come and gone, then come back with a vengeance, but luckily we had the chance to attend Bryngarw’s Easter Event to take our mind off it. With open air and vast green spaces, Bryngarw Country Park is quite simply the loveliest place to visit…

Full of wetland and woodland, there’s so much to explore, and it’s the perfect venue for an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt (£8.50 per child)! We arrived a few minutes before our time slot and were guided into the visitor’s centre to take part in the first part of the event; making an Easter Basket!

George holding up his carrot basket.

George and Molly enjoyed this little craft, and the staff were really helpful. I also liked the fact that they didn’t rush this part, because Molly takes her time whilst crafting, so she had plenty of time to finish her chick basket! George made a carrot version, added some shredded paper to it and he was ready to hunt for eggs!

We followed the goats (performed by La La Productions) outside and around the beautiful grounds of Bryngarw. It was so lovely to see a different part of Bryngarw, with beautiful bridges, ponds and wildlife. 

George and Molly searching for eggs amongst the tree logs.

Molly running across the grass, Bryngarw manor in the background.

A gorgeous tree branch with moss covering it.
Colourful chocolate eggs on the muddy ground.

The staff explained how important it was for each child to collect just one egg from each pile, due to the amount available. We had a little trouble with this as George and Molly were at the back of the queue on quite a few occasions, and no eggs were left. I think it’s very important for parents to encourage their children with the one egg rule, otherwise it can mean some children are left out of the fun. 

George and Molly adored running around together, searching for eggs and just having a lovely time in the open air and beautiful countryside. We headed around the grounds and soon we were back at the beginning of the trail, but who did we meet on our way?

George and Molly being hugged by the Easter Bunny.

Yes, the Easter Bunny! Everyone had plenty of time to get a photo and collect more eggs from the lovely Easter Bunny, and George and Molly loved this part!

Afterwards we headed back inside to collect our eggs. Bryngarw were very accommodating when it came to dairy-free eggs, and they had them ready and prepared for George and Molly. 

Of course, the day wasn’t over at this point; there’s always the park to visit and we were literally dragged there! 

We had an amazing time at Bryngarw for Easter, it was fun and fresh-air fuelled, and the staff were really friendly and helpful. It felt like the most perfect way to spend Easter.

Did you go to Bryngarw? What did you think?

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