A lovely afternoon with Nanny Kim plus Naomi’ss Wild and Scary at StDavid’s Hall!

Today George, Molly and I hopped on the bus into Cardiff to meet Nanny Kim. We didn’t have much of plan for in the morning, but Nanny Kim had booked us tickets for Naomi’s Wild & Scary for in the afternoon.

We got off the bus by Cardiff Castle and headed to Pettigrew Tea Rooms. I’d never been there before, but Nanny Kim suggested it and later told us how delicious their cakes are! We entered into a world of splendour, with two lovely young ladies behind the counter and an atmosphere I can only describe as delightfully vintage.

We ordered hot chocolates all round and waited in the little gift shop for our take-away drinks. The staff were so welcoming and kind, and when we left and entered into Bute Park we spotted dog treats and water outside the tea room, such a lovely and kind gesture! We are definitely going back, and with our dog too!

The hot chocolates were so tasty, probably the best I’ve ever had, and we had a lovely stroll and natter in the park. Afterwards we headed to Subway for a tasty lunch and then over to Cardiff Story Museum for some play and learning; we all love it there, there’s so much to see and do!

Soon it was time to head to St David’s Hall and we were, of course, super excited to see Naomi! We watch her TV show all the time, we adore Naomi and all the creatures she meets on her travels.

Not long after we’d found our seats we were plunged into a world of creepy crawly creatures! Naomi is just as lovely as she seems on TV, so sweet and really interactive with the audience.

I thought it was great having a large screen on the stage, both for the film footage and the up close and personal with each creature! Naomi was full of energy and her costume changes were pretty hilarious! She has a great voice and presence for the stage, and I loved the incorporated quiz, interactive elements and very interesting and insightful facts.

There were lots of animals to see. In particular George loved seeing the snake, ‘because it looked cool!’ and Molly loved the turtle. She said ‘it was funny because it did a wee on the stage!’.

I loved how each person involved was passionate about the world and the creatures living in it. For me, the most moving part is right at the end of the show, when Naomi introduces the last piece of video footage, and then closes with a very important speech. It’s essential that we learn more about nature and the animals in the world, from how humans treat them to why and how they exist and whether they’re actually a threat to us or not.

It’s safe to say the outcome of the show is so important…

Humans are the ones destroying things, killing creatures around the world for trophies and out of fear. We are the monsters…

but it’s also humans who can fix things and make the world a better place.

I feel proud that my children are interested in this kind of change in the world, proud how they see nature and how they want to nurture not destroy it. All we need to do now is continue to keep this passion and thirst for knowledge alive, because our children are the change…

Did you see the show? What was your favourite wild and scary creature?


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