A Game a Day Challenge

Somewhere along the way I’ve noticed my family seems to have disconnected slightly. Whether we’re out and about or at home, television, tablets, mobile phones and video games are sucking the world dry of wonderment.
When my daughter climbs into my lap and wants to just be with me, drawing or talking or hugging, I feel elated. She doesn’t feel the need for ‘stuff’ in the same way her brother does… then I grab him and hug him and he snuggles with me, and I realise actually, he’s just the same. As a human race we’ve found the lazy way to entertain ourselves (or distract ourselves) and with it comes the disconnection. We don’t have to talk to each other, look at each other, touch each other when we find technology to play with.
Well, this August, I’ve decided to set my family a little big challenge. I want us to reconnect as a family, I want us to talk more, look at each other more, touch more and hopefully laugh more as a result!
A Game a Day Challenge is simply that. For the whole of August I challenge my family, and yours, to play one game a day for the whole of August! Using the hashtag #Agameadaychallenge, share your photos, posts or vlogs! We will do a mixture too! I’ve compiled a list of games (some will require equipment) and it would be great if we could do the same games on the same days, but even if you do different things on different days, we want to see what you get up to and how you reconnected!
August 1st: Any board game. Go wild!
August 2nd: Eye Spy.
August 3rd: Yes/No Game.
August 4th: Warren’s birthday today so it’s Crab Football!
August 5th: Noodling Around.
August 6th: Piggy in the Middle.
August 7th: Charades.
August 8th: What’s the Time Mr Wolf?
August 9th: Rounders.
August 10th: 2 Balloons.
August 11th: Chocolate Chase!
August 12th: Tennis Ball Tights.
August 13th: Limbo!
August 14th: Hide and Seek.
August 15th: Consequences.
August 16th: Bedtime Disco Time!
August 17th: Who Am I?
August 18th: Pictionary.
August 19th: Sardines.
August 20th: George’s birthday so we’re going for musical statues – or planets at our space party!
August 21st: I Went to the Shop…
August 22nd: Down on One Knee.
August 23rd: Thumb Wars! ‘One, two, three four… I declare…’ and so on!
August 24th: Hopscotch.
August 25th: Memory Game. Place loads of objects on a tray and give a person a minute to memorise everything on the tray. Cover it up and give them two minutes ot name as many objects as they can!
August 26th: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
August 27th: Croquet/Golf.
August 28th: Boules/Bowling.
August 29th: Stuck in the Mud.
August 30th: Assault Course. Create an assault course in your houe and go for it!
August 31st: Hangman.
I hope you’ll all be inspired by this whole crazy idea, I’m shattered just thinking about it haha! I didn’t know some of the games, but a simple google has helped and I’m so excited!
But I do know it will be a wonderful part of each day and hopefully something we’ll continue to do long after the end of August!
So let’s reconnect, let’s get closer and spend more time as one, less time with technology (Yes, I’m typing on a laptop but still…) and let’s make life more fantastic.
#Agameadaychallenge starts 1st August, please join in the fun!
Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers that helped me compile this list:
Mrs FD from Family Days Tried and Tested (thank you for supplying me with the video from this fab family, find some of the more unusal games on their site!)
Jo from First Time Valley Mam
Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says
Claire from Diary of the Evans Crittens
Jess from Mrs Helicopter Writes


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