A Family Day Out at Oakwood Theme Park!

Yesterday we went on a road-trip to check out the thrills and spills on offer at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire. The journey was lovely and really easy to get to from Llantrisant, we played a few travel games along the way and time flew by!

We’d decided to try out their on-site dog kennels, so our first job was to drop Ziggy off. You basically put down a deposit on a padlock and pop your pooch into one of the kennels and lock it. When you collect your dog, you return the lock and get your deposit back. We brought along Ziggy’s bed, a ball, a bowl and some water, and settled him in to his kennel. The kennels aren’t massive, but they are big enough for a couple of hours whilst you pop into the park. They’re having a refurbishment soon, so it will be exciting to see what changes are made, but for free boarding you can’t complain at all, plus you can check on your dog at any point during the day. Also, the staff are amazing and very helpful! Remember, it’s first come, first served so get there early!
Once Ziggy was settled we entered the park and waited for the little train to come along and take us on our family adventure…
We began our journey in Neverland, grabbing a hot chocolate in The Litlle Darlings Cafe and then heading over to the London Taxi Ride. George and Molly loved it!


 Next up was the Carousel, the rainy morning wasn’t going to stop us from having fun! The park flows really well, so you can get to grips with where you are and where you’re going pretty quickly. There’s so much to choose from, and even on rainy and windy days when certain rides may close, there’s plenty to do still! Also, we all need to remember that weather can be very unpredictable, and safety is paramount in such places so if a ride is closed, it’s for a good reason. 

We followed this with a spin on the Tea Cups, one of my favourite rides. I was with thrill seeker George, he’s so hilarious, check out our little video of the ride…

When it was time for lunch we found a little building to sit in and have a munch. There are a few dotted around, as well as outdoor areas. Be careful with the seagulls though, they’re pretty vicious and we saw them attacking a lot of lunches. As the signs advise, encouraging them is a big no, so just be careful and don’t be tempted to feed them!
Again, for safety reasons there are certain height and age restrictions on some rides, so Molly and George couldn’t have a go at everything. This didn’t stop Warren testing out Megaphobia though! I think it’s great there are options for the more thrill-seeking types such as Warren…
After this it was time for a gentle ride on the boating lake. Warren pedalled and I snapped some photos and the kids enjoyed checking out the view and the fish beneath us. It was fab and really relaxing! I could have spent all day there…

Every member of staff was polite, kind and welcoming. They were really sweet with George and Molly and we all felt very welcomed.  
Before we headed home Warren and the kids decided to hit the water slides. They were hilarious and I managed to record a little clip…

 Soon it was time to collect Ziggy and head home…

We had a fantastic day and no amount of rain could have prevented that! I
would recommend ponchos to cover your bottom, as well as a waterproof
bag (check out my Cabin Zero bag, perfect for adventuring!) and a smile
on your face! You’ll have a fab day come rain or shine at Oakwood Theme

Disclosure: I received free entry in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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