8 Reasons Why Friends Without Kids Rock!

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I have always had friends in my life who don’t have any children, and I’m always reading so much negativity towards these kind of friends. A lot of this seems to come from an almost jealous point of view, as if they’re a total drag and don’t really appreciate family life. But deep down, is it us parents that wish we didn’t have so much responsibility heaped on our shoulders? Is it us parents that wish we could just pop to the pub without a second thought or go on a mini-break at the drop of a hat?

Don’t get me wrong, before I had kids I had no idea what parents go through, from childcare to peeing in peace, there’s a lot more to being a parent than we ever think there will be. I will also admit to thinking that people without children don’t really get what it’s like to have children, but rather than slate those (amazing!) friends, I choose to celebrate the good stuff, so here are eight reasons why friends without kids absolutely rock…

8 Reasons Why Friends Without Kids Rock!

1. They have a lot of time to give.

Whenever my friends without kids visit or meet up with us, they give George and Molly all the time in the world. They are interested in their questions, engaged in their activities, and they have a lot more energy than any parent I know!

2. They make amazing role models.

They’re uncles and aunts to my kids, and they offer a different view on the world compared to frazzled old me. They’re energetic and driven in their own way of life, and this is a great way to show my children that you don’t have to have children to be happy*. 

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3. They’re fun!

Most of my friends without kids are crazy. Or is that just my choice of friend?! Who knows. They have such a great time with my kids and they never tire of showing my kids a fun and happy time. Some are naturals when it comes to being around kids too, and it’s obvious that if they do ever have children of their own, they’ll be amazing parents…

4. They teach my kids things other people can’t!

They’re not busy with their own kids so they have time to sit and explore the things they love with my children. From art to mathematics to simply being a bloody great person, my friends are a very eclectic bunch and I’m grateful for that!

5. They make me appreciate what I have…

They say adorable things about George and Molly and they make me feel like I’ve done a good job (so far!). They help me appreciate being a parent; the early mornings, the lack of sleep, the greasy hair bun because I didn’t have time to shower, it all feels worth it when these friends are around.

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6. They’re supportive of our lifestyle.

They aren’t sat in their ivory tower comparing my children to theirs. They see our lifestyle and they accept it, without judgement. This is a special trait indeed 🙂

7. They help me remember who I used to be (and who I am!).

When we go out we don’t talk about kids all night, or families… We focus on our friendships, we have a lot of fun and all at once I’m 20 again and it feels good! This kind of relationship is rejuvenating and we need to hold onto it, even if/when they have children.

8. They listen.

Instead of telling me how they parent, they listen to my problems, my issues, my short-comings, and they listen good! They don’t lecture or compare, they support and nurture.

I love my friends without kids, they are truly special and they aren’t there to make me feel crap because I can’t go out or because I have to take my kids to circus class. They aren’t there judging my parenting or suggesting I try ‘time-out’. No, they’re there for me. They’re there for my kids. They’re invested and they’re so, so, so appreciated…

So, if you have a friend who doesn’t have kids, hold onto them! They are special, they are wonderful, they are one in a million. Yes, of course these wonderful joyous friends may well have children of their own one day, but for now, enjoy the passion, the time and the energy they give to you and your kids, because it’s priceless.

*Just want to add, my kids make me VERY happy. 

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