8 Easy Ways to Make Buying a Second Hand Car Less Stressful.

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

You might already know that I don’t actually drive, but living with someone that does means I’m involved in a lot of the ups and downs of a driver’s life. Having a car itself can be stressful, from road tax to maintenance, the cost (and the stress!) all mounts up. 

Warren and I have had our fair share of second hand vehicles, and we’re currently using a van (which I adore!), but we’ve still had many issues, nightmares and disasters along the way…

So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my top tips for making sure buying a second hand car is less stressful for you! 

8 Easy Ways to Make Buying a Second Hand Car Less Stressful!

1. Buy through a trusted seller/site.

If you’re going to go second hand (and let’s face it, it’s cheaper!), then make sure you pick a reputable company or individual to buy from. Most online selling sites have ratings for companies and you can also double check all the paperwork when you go to view the vehicle. Warren has viewed some interesting vehicles over the years, but it’s important to know you can trust the person you’re dealing with, so find a trusted dealer.

2.Use a trusted delivery company.

Warren once sold a car to a man from Scotland who travelled all the way to Birmingham to pick it up. This isn’t always a viable option, so using a reputable company such as Shiply would be a reliable and stress-free option. 

3. Be careful with money!

Exchanging money without a guarantee is a bad, bad idea. Make sure everything is legitimate before exchanging any cash, and never hand over money via the internet without having seen the vehicle first. 

4. Take a friend.

Like with any purchase, a friend’s helpful advice is always a good idea. Even if they have no idea about cards, having a buddy will ensure the person selling won’t try to rip you off. 

5. Do your research…

Research everything you can about the types of cars you’re keen to buy. Then you’ll be able to discover each cars weaknesses, issues or perhaps just how amazing they are.

6. Check your insurance.

You can check car insurance prices ahead of the purchase to make sure you won’t struggle each month to pay. Some cars are really surprising, so it’s well worth checking this out before you dive in. 

7. Enjoy the experience.

If you go into it with a fun attitude, then it won’t be so stressful to deal with. Remember how exciting it is going to be to have a new vehicle, think of all the adventures you can go on and try to remain positive and up-beat.  This is an exciting change for anyone, but…

8. Don’t take the first car you see!

It’s so easy to jump head first into the first gorgeous vehicle you put your eyes on, but don’t. It might not be ‘the one’, and shopping around it really important to help you learn more about cars and buying second hand. Having said that, if you find an amazing deal with a gorgeous car, don’t leave the owner waiting too long because it could get snapped up in a second.

I hope you find my little list helpful the next time you decide to purchase a second hand car.

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