6 Best Things About Molly…


It’s Molly’s 6th Birthday today. I can’t quite believe it. The years are going WAY too fast. Tell me I’m not the only one wishing time would slow the heck down?! In honour of our beautiful Molly Moo, I thought I’d write six of the (many) best things about Molly…

1. She’s kind. So kind it actually has brought me to tears. If George is sad she will get his favourite cuddly toy, Doggy, and bring it to him. If she sees someone crying she often gets upset for them and she always wants to find a way to fix the problem. She will share with anyone and everyone, even if she gets less in the end. I’ve never known anyone as kind as her.


2. She has the best voice. It’s loud, it’s unusual and I LOVE it. People try to shush her all the time, but often she is just using her normal voice, the voice she was born with. She’s not trying to be loud (most of the time!).

3. She has the most amazing curly hair. It’s beautiful. I love looking at all the curls and ringlets and different shades running through them- beautiful!

4. She’s not afraid to say, ‘No.’ If she doesn’t want to do something she will say so. I know a lot of folk feel this is a lack of control from an adult’s point of view, not me. I love her strength. She will n up for what’s right in the long run, she’s the one who will stand up to those trying to control her. If that’s not a good thing, then I don’t know what is.


5. She’s happy 99% of the time. We hardly ever see her grumpy or sad, and if it happens, it doesn’t last long. With this comes affection and the precious words, ‘I love you…’

6. She’s Molly. Full stop.

So happy birthday gorgeous Moo, we all love you so, so much. I, for one, love your quirky, loud, contagiously happy self. You are truly awesome and I am so proud to in your life.



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