5 Ways to Create Light & Beauty If You Rent Your Home.

5 Ways to Create Light & Beauty If You Rent Your Home.
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I love dreaming about my dream home, all the different ways it would look, from textiles to colour, I have so many ideas! I have Pinteret boards for this kind of indulgence, but I thought it would be nice to share some of my ideas with you, just in case you want to dream along with me…

I love light and space within a home, but I also love art and beautiful trinkets too. I love quirky, handmade designs, paintings, pictures and more, and I really love it when a house looks like a home. We currently live in a small-ish 3 bed terraced house close to Cardiff city centre, and although we try our best to make it ‘our own’, when you rent you can’t change too many things without prior consent from your landlord. So, if you want a paint walls or change structural areas of the house, you’re probably not going to be able to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do other (inventive) things to revitialise your home and make it the beautiful space you always dreamed of.

5 Ways to Create Light & Beauty If You Rent Your Home. 

1. Textiles

You don’t need permission to buy gorgeous rugs, throws and cushions. You can colour scheme your house (even if the walls are marigold- bleugh!) and bring textiles to the forefront of the room, banishing the drab walls to the back of your mind. I am completely in love with my bedroom design, with the majority of colour coming from flashes of mustard on a background of black and white.

2. Lighting

Lampshades and lighting design are a crucial part of any home, especially if there’s not much in the way of natural light. You can do this no matter your budget, I’ve often found lampshades at carboots and I’ve just taken the time to decorate them for our home. If you have a decent budget then you can invest in work from designers such as Studio Arntzen, who provide bespoke lighting for a variety of concepts and people, from indivduals to businesses and beyond. This kind of design light shop will tailor the work to your taste, needs and space; perfect for opening up your home to light created by art. 

Photo credit: Studio Arntzen.

3. Pictures

Most landlords/letting agents are fine with hanging a certain amount of photos/paintings, and they can give your house a real sense of home. I love having pictures, quotes or Warren and the children’s paintings all around the house; it brings me a huge amount of joy! BRinging this personal touch into your home will certainly create a beautfiul and inspiring atmosphere you’ll love to live in!

4. Colour

Pops of colour and themed rooms are my favourite kind of thing! I love the ‘green’ room, the ‘red’ room and the ‘multi-coloured’ kids room! We’ve slacked with this over the years, because it’s hard to achieve with limited space, but if you get it right it can look amazing! 

5. Bold Patterns 

I love it when I walk into a home and I see bright, bold patterns. This cannot always be achieved in rental situations, but you can use large boards covered in paper or material to achieve a partially patterned wall, for example. I have one with bright blue and pink patterns across it, and it achieves an amazing result when hung on any wall!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips for creating light and beauty whilst living in a rental property. I know it can somestimes seem difficult, or a bit of a chore, but taking on some basic principles can really make a rental proerty feel like home. 

What are your top tips for creating a beautiful rental home?

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