5 Tips to Help You Cope With Hay Fever (And Other Airborne Allergies!)

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

If you’ve ever hung out with us for long enough, you’ve probably heard Warren sneeze; it’s loud and uncontrollable, and apparently very painful indeed. Each year we try out different things to prepare for rising pollen count (and other pesky things!) and make sure Warren’s allergies don’t flare up when hay fever season hits.

Warren is quite sensitive, so he can react to dust and has a really bad animal hair/dander allergy. We’ve tried out a few different ways to deal with his reactions, and so I thought I’d share our top tips here with you today…

5 Tips to Help You Cope With Hay Fever (And Other Airborne Allergies!)


1. Improve Your Immunity

From the research I’ve done regarding allergies, it’s clear to see that a person’s immune system is part ad parcel of this type of allergic reaction. I feel more research is needed, but I definitely see an improvement with Warren when he rests more, eats well and exercises.

2. Hay Fever Remedies

I think having some sort of hayfever treatment to hand, especially one that you know works for you, is key. Taking it at the right time is crucial, I see a massive difference if Warren takes his regularly and first thing in the morning.

3. Avoid Animals.

Sad, I know, but when you have these kinds of allergies you do have to put your health and well being first, not cuddling kittens. We have Ziggy for a good reason, he is a non-shedding dog, but Warren still has a reaction to him from time to time.

4. Keep Your Eyes Cool

Whether you use a flannel or a cool eye mask, having something soothing on your eyes combine with medication will work wonders.

5. Hoover, Hover, Hoover!

I’m big on hoovering, even though I hate getting into all the awkward spaces of our house. However, it’s totally worth it because Warren doesn’t sneeze half as much if we keep on top of it. The same goes for dusting around the house too!

There are so many ways to make improvements to help combat hay fever and allergies, if you have any tips please share them in the comments 🙂


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