5 Reasons Why I’m Craving #VanLife, and Why You Should Be Too!

5 Reasons Why I’m Craving #VanLife, and Why You Should Be Too!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

I constantly talk about running away with my little faimly and going to live in the woods, but lately the urge for isolation and peace and become an urge to travel with freedom and peace. I think things began to change for us when we went to Barcelona together as a family; I learnt how easy it was to travel with my clan, as well as how enjoyable it was!

We live a very free and easy life, and the more I learn about #vanlife the more I want a piece of it. I could easily hop into Warren’s van with minimal belongings and music in my ears and drive off into the sunset with my gorgeous gang. It somehow reminds me of the 70’s (even though I wasn’t alive then), and I can imagine Queen and Bowie dancing in my ears as Warren drives towards the horizon. 

Can you imagine jsut how amazing it would be to live this life of freedom? I dream of it everyday, and the joys it would bring, and here’s why…

5 Reasons Why I’m Craving #VanLife, and Why You Should Be Too!

1. Freedom

I don’t think I can really say it in any other way, and I totally know I’m repeating myself, but.. FREEDOM! The freedom surrounding this lifestyle, taking us from the humdrum of life into a a world without limits, well that’s exciting! 

2. Cost

If we could secure freelance work, well it would be a dream come true. No rent to pay, no huge gas and electric bills, no council tax… I mean, all you’d need to focus on is the van, everyone’s health and food. Bliss.

3. A Van!

Surely it would be the perfect excuse to buy your dream van? Imagine heading to your nearest VW Camper Specialist and leaving with a gorgeous and functional van? Surely it would be a dream come true? I can just imagine a gorgeous vintage VW Van, with a green colour scheme – pure bliss!

4. I Could Be Me

I think the strain of normal life means we’re always trying to ‘fit in’, and unfortunately I don’t feel I fit in anywhere, except with my family. So being on the road would be great, because we’d always be doscivering new places, and I’d never feel like I do when life is still. I know I’m not alone in this kind of thinking, we’re living in a mad world, perhaps all we need is to get out on the wide open road and breathe.

5. Home Education 

This one is soooooo my favourite on the list. Can you imagine the learning that would happen if we were on the road? We’d be learning so much about all the different places we’d visit, we’d meet new people, make new friends, and every single day would be an adventure. If you home educate, could you see it working fro mthe comfort of your very own van?

I’m so addicted to this idea, I think it would be a perfect way to celebrate Warren’s degree in a few years. We’d probably go for a few months to test the waters, but I totally get why you’d do it forever. There’s nothing not to love about #vanlife, and one day we’re going to be living it!

Would you like to try out #vanlife? Comment below!


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