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George and Molly made slime!

Hey, so it’s all about slime today. We’ve been loving the experimental side of making slime, and yes, we’ve had times when it’s gone completely wrong! It’s pretty simple to make, if you get the ingredients right, and it’s really fun to watch it suddenly go from gloopy to smooth slime. George and Molly have made about five slimes each, plus more that just didn’t work out. I think we’ll be making more in the future too!

Anyway, there’s a short video below to show you how to make slime, and I’ll add more detailed instructions below.



So, for your ingredients list, you’ll need:

  • PVA glue (clear or white). With clear you’ll get a clear coloured slime as opposed to opaque.
  • Shaving foam. We’ve tried using scented ones too- very relaxing!
  • Paint or food colouring. We usually use poster paint and it’s easier to remove if you get it on your skin or clothes.
  • Contact lens solution. This must have borax or borate in the ingredients list.
  • Optional: glitter or other pretty things…

I know there’s been quite a bit in the news about borax and chemical burns, but I *think* this has been documented in America, where they still use borax and the dilution hasn’t been undertaken correctly. Don’t take my word for it though, always research and be safe when making anything like this. We’ve had no reactions so far, but that’s not to say it will be okay for everyone to use. Be safe and if in doubt use gloves.


So, you basically mix a generous dollop of PVA with a squib of shaving foam plus paint/food colouring. Nope, we haven’t measured it out yet, that’s our next plan. But we’ve been doing quite well at estimating, so watch the video for an idea.

Now add a squirt of contact lens solution and mix. Keep adding the solution until you feel the slime beginning to form. It’s the magic moment! Once it feels less sticky, tougher, more like slime, take it out of the bowl and give it a bit of a knead. Add more solution if it’s still sticking to your skin or it feels too gloopy.


This is the point that Molly always adds glitter. She sprinkles some in a little well she creates in the slime and then mixes it together. If she spills any she uses the slime to pick it up from the table!


So, there you have it! Watch out for a more detailed version in the future, but for now, just have fun and experiment!



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