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It’s all about the Circus right now… Cirque Berserk at Wales Millenium Centre!

You know we love the circus, right? Molly and George have been going to Circus class at NoFitState for a while now, and they are thriving. The staff are attentive and full of energy, they teach them awesome skills and encourage lashings of teamwork; it really is an awesome place and I’m so glad we found out about it at last year’s Get Creative event.

Well NoFitState are taking the kids on an outing to see Cirque Berserk at Wales Millenium Centre next week, and we cannot wait!

I am so excited to see how George and Molly react to the wonders of the circus and the talented people that put it all together. Check out this video for a taste of what’s in store…

I know for a fact that George will be blown away by any juggling to be had as well as the motorcycle ‘Globe of Death’. Molly will be more interested in any form of contortion, she is extremely flexible and so I think this will really appeal to her.

The show sounds and looks amazing, with thrills and skills certain to entertain anyone and everyone!

Tickets are priced between £18-28 (age guidance is 5+) and the show will be running from 28th March- 1st April 2017.

Hope to see you there!

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