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Celebrating World Poetry Day With Viking!

I’m really excited to be celebrating World Poetry Day on 21st March with Viking. I’ve long been thinking I should share my poetry (old and new) on the blog, and this project inspired me to begin that glorious journey now.


Viking recently sent me a wonderful box of delights, to inspire and create, and for a few days I felt a bit stuck. A bit under pressure. What will my poem be about? What will people think? All the doubts fuelling my fear, and then one day I realised I just needed to get on with it, regardless of my fears.

To help me along I had a nosey on the internet for an image to inspire me to write a poem. When I saw the collection of rain drops paintings by Ben Reeves I felt completely inspired.

So, with pen in hand I wrote…


Freshly Cut Grass

I’m running through the open field,
grassy leftovers clump
and collect on my shoes.

I’m running to you,
You who, without warning,
left me behind.

To find my way alone…

I see you,
Wondrous and tall.
I see you,
I see you before I fall.

My arms unwind,
I reach out,
the ground pulls me down.

Rushing water,
a daughter’s voice-
A thwarted call.

It was an unexpected

I am gagged,
bound to the solid ground.

I call your name, but
the soil chokes me-
I am drowning in the mud.

The crackle of a gun resonates
on the springtime air,
and I am lost.

The flock flutter past,
and I hear their relief upon the air.

Gentle pitter-patter raindrops hit my skin,
soft and warm,
I welcome them in.
Rain down on me,
Wash the crimson away,
Make me whole again.

But lava blood bubbles,
a relentless stream…

I smell the flowers for the final time that day.

Memories of me are photographs,
hands reaching out, gentle rainfall…

Me, running in the freshly cut grass.


Afterwards I used some of the lovely items I’d been sent to create this canvas. It was lovely to create a piece of art to go with one of my poems. It was actually therapeutic to do so, so I think this is something I’ll do more often!


I think World Poetry Day is so important, celebrate your voice, celebrate the voice of other poets…

So dig out your pens and dust off your notepad and get writing! Use photographs, paintings, a song or a moment in your day to inspire you to write…

Happy World Poetry Day, 21st March 2017!

Disclosure: I received a bundle of crafty goodies in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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