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Isolation Junction by Jennifer Gilmour Book Review

Rose is a mother to two children and wife to Darren. He controls her every move and although he has manipulated and lied to her, she stays within their family home for the sake of their children.

When she meets Tim at a networking event, she begins to realise there may be a way forward, a way to break the vicious cycle created by Darren, but will her life changing decisions be detrimental to the relationship with her children?

I don't often choose books with this kind of theme, the domestic abuse as a subject for fiction worried me because I knew I'd get emotional about somebody being physically and mentally abused. However, the book didn't get dark enough for me to feel I had to put it down, instead it gave lots of different snippets as to the various types and ways people can manipulate and abuse their partner.

Darren isn't very likeable, in fact I hated him all the way through. I think it's a good response if a reader feels strongly about a character, because it means you either root for them or you hope they'll get their comeuppance.

My favourite character was Tim, he was level-headed and calm, the perfect person to be in his situation. Rose was difficult to grasp because she appeared so strong, yet she was incredibly lost and vulnerable when it came to her husband. I think it was interesting and VERY important to see that this is exactly how psychological games and control works, no matter how strong you are, it can happen to anyone.

The book flits between first person and third person, but I think it would work better if the first person parts were in some sort of diary forms, but this is just my personal taste.

I think this is a very important topic, and it needs to be less of a taboo subject. It happens and is happening in the world right now, and it isn't okay. I love that Jennifer is making a stand to make domestic abuse talked about, a way to reach out and make people realise what might be happening in front of their very eyes, and ultimately, this book will no doubt save countless people in this horrendous situation.

So, even if it's not the kind of book you'd normally read, I'd encourage you to give it a go. Open your eyes and see what's going on in society.

Because if we don't make a stand, who will?

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