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No Mobile Phone for a Week!

I’ve had enough of my phone. From mobile phone scams to ridiculous charges to simply being a big distraction, I’m sick of it. I’ve been thinking long and hard about leaving it off for a while, giving me a chance to enjoy each day without constantly checking my email/Facebook/texts and all that’s in between…

This Christmas has been very emotional and it made me think of the things in my life that hinder the enjoyment of the world, that distract us and make us these antisocial beasts… Mobile phones! Arghhh it’s like they’re glued to our hands. Everywhere I look people are tapping and scrolling away, never engaging with the real world…

So I’m trying something out, I’m putting my phone away for a week or so and seeing how it works out. I can still use my laptop in the evenings or if I get five mins in the day, but I won’t have this constant distraction in my pocket…

How many times a day do we say, ‘Hang on’ or ‘In a second’ or ‘I’m just…” whilst browsing Twitter or any other social media platform?! Well, I’ve had enough…

I’m popping my phone away and I’ll be focusing on life. I will let you know how it goes, because I’ll still be posting on the blog, but I’m hoping I’ll have a fresh outlook on life!


Have you gone without your phone before? How was it for you?

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