Write Size: Writing Pencils for Children Review

Writing is like breathing to me, whether writing a friend a letter, sending off a Christmas card or editing my creative writing, it’s an essential skill that I believe shouldn’t be rushed. Neither should it be uncomfortable or frustrating, and Write Size are here to help make it a more enjoyable and extremely comfortable experience.

They have produced an amazing product aimed at children 2-6, 6-8 and 10+ years old to help them have better control when writing. The pencils are made to scale for children’s hands to allow for more control when they write.

We were sent two sets to try out and when they arrived Molly decided to write a letter.

The pencils are a lot chunkier than normal pens or pencils and they aren’t too big so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Normal pens can actually seem quite awkward for both kiddies to write with, so it’s great to have something out there that suits their hands and helps them grip more easily.

Molly didn’t get frustrated or annoyed with them, she just wrote her letter with ease. Because they’re pencils it meant she could correct any mistakes (if she wanted to) by rubbing out and starting again.

I think these pencils are a great way to support handwriting and at £3.99 a pack (5 in a pack) you can’t go wrong. With the right tools and a huge amount of fun and passion, learning can only be a joy…

Disclosure: I received items in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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