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The New Theatre in Cardiff Presents Peter Pan: Our First Family Panto Ever!

We simply adore going to the theatre as a family, but for one reason or another, we’ve never been to see a Pantomime before. That was until last night when we attended the New Theatre in Cardiff to see none other than David Hasselhoff starring as Hook in their Christmas production of Peter Pan.

The New Theatre has such a lovely presence in Cardiff, and it’s always such a joy to walk up to it from Queen Street. You know that once you step through those doors you’ll be taken to magical lands, you’ll hear music that will pump through your soul and you will leave inspired, refreshed and full of imagination.


The show started with the opening to Peter Pan, in the children’s bedroom, with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell crashing into their lives and changing them forever. You know how the story goes, right? So let me tell you about all the other amazing things that happen when you bring together The Hoff, Mike Doyle and lots of other exceptionally talented folk…


First of all I want to say how the set and costumes completely blew my mind. So much detail, gorgeous costume changes and such an array of colours; it was food for the eyes and each change left me pretty speechless (this is mostly unheard of!). I cannot imagine how much time and effort goes into each piece of costume, and how tiring it must be to constantly change between scenes as well as learn the choreography and script.

The music covered in the show had some awesome songs, my favourites including ‘He Had in Coming’ from Chicago, ‘I Love You Baby’ and right at the end we were even treated to a song from The Angry Birds.

The show is full of laughs for children and adults, and the adult humour seemed to go unnoticed by my children (I hope!), but seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. In particular Mrs Smee (Mike Doyle) kept me entertained all the way through, from jokes to accents to general Cardiff banter, he was absolutely outstanding! We were lucky enough to catch him at the Stage Door after the show and he was awesome with the kids and had a little chat with Molly all about Mrs Smee. They couldn’t believe Mrs Smee was a man, and George just commented, ‘Well, he’s a VERY good actor then…’ Too true!


When David Hasselhoff appeared on stage the whole place fell silent. He came out in his wonderfully elaborate costume, hook and thick curly wig and he owned that stage. His voice was insanely strong and I had no actual idea he could sing, but oh my, he could hold a note for sure! His voice was so powerful and his mixture of humorous and villainous acting was amazing. Molly was really worked up because of the pirates, but I don’t want to give too much away! Captain Hook has always been my favourite villain, and last night George was his number one fan!


The story is as expected, but the script and the acting is unpredictable (in a good way!), there’s lots of humour involving the Hoff and Mrs Smee kept everyone smiling. Peter and Wendy have lovely chemistry, Emma Prosser excels at playing jealous Tinker Bell (how she moves across stage and acts blows my mind!), Natalie Windsor plays Tiger Lily as a strong, powerful leader and Mimi the Mermaid is really delightful shimmying across the stage. As for all of the children, well they are simply adorable!


It was a joy to attend such an electrifying performance, one where you can see that even though the performers are working super hard, they’re also having fun and they seem like a pretty awesome team.


After the show we were lucky enough to meet Mimi the Mermaid (Stephanie Webber) and Tinker Bell (Emma Prosser) who were absolutely adorable with George and Molly; they spoke to them, listened to them and generally had a good giggle together. It was so nice to meet the people we’d seen on stage in real life, even if Molly and I were a little starstruck!

The show is running until 8th January, so book your tickets now, it’s a show not to be missed!



Disclosure: I received free tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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