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We Made a Kitty-in-Boots Snow Globe Thanks to Ladybird!

My mother has always adored snow globes and every year I try my best to hunt down the best one I can find, just for her. I have never really thought about actually making one, but with Ladybird’s ‘Make a purrfect Kitty-in-Boots snow globe’ tutorial you can’t really go wrong!

We’ve had a pretty hard week, George has had a tummy bug, which means lack of sleep and lots of cabin fever, but this activity helped us get out of our bug-rut and into the spirit of Christmas and crafting.

Thanks to the discovery of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots book, Ladybird have inspired us to get creative; and let’s face it, you all know we love a bit of Christmas crafting!

The items required are:

• A jam jar (or any kind of jar with a lid)
• Some fake snow or glitter (or both if you’re Molly!)
• A little Christmas tree decoration
• Glycerine (we didn’t have any, but used a type of syrup instead to help the glitter fall slowly)
• Water resistant glue or a glue gun
• The cutout image of Kitty (available to download on the activity page)
• Cardboard
• A laminator with laminating pouches, or clear packing tape as an alternative
• Scissors

So, we had a go at this and our first one was a bit of a disaster! We added so much glitter we’re still finding it in our cups, hair, clothes, carpet… you know what I mean, right? Luckily, we love a bit of glitter! So, tip number one, don’t use too much glitter. I also over-taped my kitty, so she became all distorted in the water. Tip two, don’t over-tape!

Glitter-crazed Molly!

Luckily for me, Warren arrived home and promptly saved me from the glitter-attack, helping us make a wonderful less-glittered version. What’s great is that most of the items can be found around the home, and there are always ways around it if you haven’t got the exact items. For example, we used a spice jar for our Kitty snow globe, but you can also use washed out pasta jars, jam jars or any jar that has a lid.

Glitter-faced Molly!

When it comes to printing out Kitty, this is pretty straightforward, and if you haven’t got a printer try asking a friend or family member, or popping to your local library (I think the prices are pretty reasonable). Don’t forget to print out a few copies though, just in case you have any accidents or make any tape errors along the way.

Our final design!

As I mentioned before, I didn’t have any glycerine, but there are alternatives to help slow the glitter down when giving your lovely snow globe a good shake; think outside the box and you can always Google ideas or just use plain water. It’s not the end of the world…

Also, as lovely as it is to have a tree decoration, not everyone will have one to hand. Think about using an old Christmas tree decoration or making another one from paper/cardboard just like Kitty.

We really enjoyed making our snowglobes, it felt like an extremely Christmassy craft, and we learnt a lot about how to create something beautiful with objects from around the house. The instructions and video were super helpful when making the globe, and we watched the video several times just because it was so much fun!

I can’t take credit for Warren’s amazing design; he literally did save Kitty’s day! I added a small amount of glitter to this one and we are all very impressed with the results…


What do you think of our creation? Molly adores it…

I think a perfect afternoon would be spent reading The Tale of Kitty in Boots followed by this lovely snow globe activity. I love books that lead to crafts and creativity, don’t you? In the end our Kitty-globe was a massive team effort and we are all really proud of the result.

Not only is this a fantastic craft, but it also encourages the whole family to feel festive. Besides, if you make several, they make the puuuurfect Christmas gifts!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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