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Advent Calendar Ideas for Every Budget plus #MakeItDontBuyIt with Hobbycraft!

I thought I’d write this post in case you’re still deciding or confused about what to do from the 1st December this year…

We always have (courtesy of Warren) chocolate advents, and he always goes to Lidl and grabs one per child for £1. This is such a great (and inexpensive) way to count down the days, if your kids eat chocolate.


Our second option, something I thought was pretty unique (but actually once I googled it seems quite popular, which is actually great!) is having a daily act of kindness. I have kept this super simple, using an old jar and scrap paper. This literally cost me nothing apart from time. I basically wrote a challenge on each piece of paper, and then filled the jar for George and Molly to pluck out each day. Some of the kindness ideas included:

– Send somebody a letter or a postcard.
– Smile.
– Set the table.
– Pick up litter.


There are so many ideas, but I think my favourite is ‘hug someone’. Hugs fix so many problems, right?

My third and final idea comes from Hobbycraft. For £8 you can buy this awesome wooden advent calendar, ready for you to personalise! Warren and I spent two days decorating it, and we are so chuffed with the outcome.




We did a few different things with it, from painting to tape to pompoms! We loved it. When we’d finished it I was totally perplexed as to what to put in each box, especially between two children. Obviously there are things we can pop in like a penny or a pound each or little Lego people or chocolate, but what else?!

I really couldn’t figure it out and then I stumbled upon this Mumsnet post and read an ingenious idea. Basically, you get a raffle book and pop raffle tickets inside the boxes and then they have to match the number with a wrapped item in a box or basket. I love this idea because we have lots of little things we wanted to get that wouldn’t fit into the little boxes. Some of our ideas include…

– Socks.
– Pants.
– Old fashioned wooden toys.
– Top Trumps.
– Noughts and crosses game.

I’m really excited about this part of Advent, it’s exciting and it feels so good knowing we created this gorgeous calendar for Molly and George. I love that it can be easily disassembled because it means we can change it in a few years if it’s looking a bit worn out. It’s a diverse advent calendar and I love that!

What kind of advent do you go for with your children?



Disclosure: I received this advent calendar in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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