Celebrate Christmas at Hamleys Cardiff!

We are kinda big on Christmas in this house, especially the magic surrounding the elusive Santa Claus. I love the magic Christmas brings and so when we were invited to a preview of a Hamleys Christmas Party, we jumped at the chance!

We were welcomed by extremely excited Elves and we were encouraged to sing Christmas songs on our way to the party room at the back of the store. It all felt so jolly as Warren and I skipped along with George and Molly.

Once we’d opened the party room doors (with magic Elf glitter!) we found gorgeous stocking cookies laid out on the party table, complete with red, white and green icing tubes! It was time to decorate biscuits and George and Molly couldn’t wait…



Isn’t George’s stocking wonderful?

Once they’d finished off their stockings it was time to meet Santa. Oh my gosh I felt excited for all the kids there, it was such a great build up to him arriving and when he came through the doors he couldn’t have been sweeter. Much like the Elves, he gave all the children attention and interacted with them in such a gentle manner.


Once Santa had made himself comfortable in his armchair, he invited the children to listen to a story.


It was so lovely watching him with the children, and George and Molly were pretty mesmerised. Once he’d read the story he suggested playing some games and then it was time to write Christmas lists and meet Santa one-on-one!


When Santa had to leave Molly was so sad, but she soon perked up when one of the wonderful Elves brought over her goodie bag and a balloon. Inside was a bar of Hamleys chocolate, a Hamleys bear, a Christmas tree ornament and a lovely Mr Men Book.

We left with two very happy children, and we as parents felt a surge of magic in seeing them so full of wonder, hope and Christmas spirit.

I’ve had a little nose online to see how it all works and it’s super easy to book your child(ren) onto a Hamleys Christmas Party. I’m always such a worrier when it comes to booking things, but all you need to do is select your location and follow the prompts to select the right date, age range, time and how many children. The parties are £19.99 per child, and from looking at the online booking system, spaces are filling up fast!

The contents of the goodie bags may vary, there is only one grown up per person allowed in the room at one time (to keep things nice and safe for the little ones) and they’re aimed at 2-5 years and 6-8 years.

The party we attended was wonderful, and we are going into December full of the joys of Christmas, so thank you Hamleys!



Disclosure: We attended this event in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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