11 Reasons we should be more like dogs…

We went for a walk today and it got me thinking, ‘Why oh why is my dog soooooo happy?’ Then I thought about his attitude and behaviour and realised, if we were more like dogs we’d have a simpler, calmer and happier existence.
So, here are some ideas and reasons we should be more like dogs…
1. They love getting outside. For Ziggy, this is come rain or shine. If we had this attitude then our endorphins would soar and we’d all be happy, right?
2. They love meeting new friends. They get stuck in, tails wagging and bum sniffing, they don’t hold back… but…
3. If they don’t like somebody, they’ll say it outright and bark it out before going their separate ways. Today Ziggy met a wolf-like dog and within seconds they told each other off and both myself and the other dog’s owner guided our dogs away. We might try again one day, but they told us outright, ‘We’re not going to be friends today.’
4. They forgive. This is a weird thing to see. If I tell Ziggy off or hose him with water, five minutes later he is trying to hug me or lick my face. His forgiveness is ridiculous- ridiculously adorable! If we all did this the world would be a better place.
5. They don’t forget… Ziggy leaves the area if he sees a hose, he virtually jumps on me if he hears the jingle-jangle of keys and even when he’s exhausted from a run he will be in the kitchen in an instant if he hears the opening of a packet of… well, anything! I think if we humans remembered a bit more, you know, like how Hitler was a vile specimen and so on, the world might move forward.
6. They know how to relax. Currently my dog is laying on my bed snoring. He’s happy, he’s had food, a drink, a walk and a play. What more does he (or we) need?
7. They’re not materialistic. They don’t go to the park and criticise the other dog’s name tag or haircut. They don’t care about the latest iPhone or the fastest internet stream. They are content with what they have.
8. They do what they want and don’t give two hoots. If Ziggy sees a cat he goes insane. He wants to chase it, so instead he barks at it until he has no energy left. If he sees a seagull he goes after it, no question. He doesn’t care about the man across the street tutting at the ‘scene’ of a barking mad dog, he is doing his thing… We care too much about other people’s opinions…
9. If they’ve gotta go, they’ve gotta go. They don’t hold a wee or poo in because they’re paranoid it may smell, hell no… they go and they get every last bit out. Gross, yeah? Well I think it may be grosser to hold it in and cause pain. We need to be at one with our bodily functions!
10. They reach out for affection. How many of us are physically awkward? We should be more like dogs, nuzzle your partner until they give you a head rub, stick your feet in front of your friend for a footrub, reconnect.
11. They don’t have iPhones, tablets, laptops or computers. Never do I say to my dog, ‘Get off the phone, we’re meant to be spending quality time together!’ or ‘Stop playing games, let’s go and have an adventure!’ Ziggy is already there, steps ahead, waiting for the outside world to show him new wonders and fascinating things….
So, what am I saying? Be more like a dog?! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Be more like a dog and your life will be… simpler, livelier, honest and true to you, it will be a life fully lived.


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