10 Top Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to put together my final top ten gifts for Dad this year. I’ve featured my top 5 in a collection on my blog, but I thought I’d bring them altogether in a post and add a few more ideas…
Gruff Beard Gift Box for £29.99. See my post here about Gruff Beard and their fantastic products. Dads with beards will not be disappointed!
#2 Stardust Hand Stamped Jewellery
Another family run business with lots of promise, here is my post featuring my chosen gift for Dad this year. Excellent customer care and lovely personalised gifts.
#3 Love2Read Personalised Book
Everybody loves a good book, and when it involves the kids reading alongside Dad, what more could you ask for?  Check out my thoughts here.
#4 Baker Days Letterbox Gift Cake
Who doesn’t love a bit of cake? This one is delivered right to your door, it fits through your letterbox and it’s yummy! Here’s my post if you want to find out more…
#5 Sugru!
This awesome pliable glue will change your world. You can mould it however you like and fix all those things you haven’t been able to fix before. Check out my thoughts here.
#6 Handmade Gifts
When your kids make you a card or a random junk modelled thingy-majig, it’s like the world stops for a moment whilst your heart grows with love for that little person. I can’t divulge the things George and Molly have made for Warren, but they didn’t require much help creating some lovely little things for their Dad. Get on Pinterest with your little dude(s) and go wild.
#7 The Cinema
Who doesn’t love a trip to the cinema? Get your groove on with popcorn and fizz and treat your Dad to a relaxing movie afternoon.
#8 Nando’s
Warren loves chicken so it makes sense to put this on the list. A bit of Peri-Peri makes anyone smile 🙂
#9 Anything from Sass & Belle
Gosh I adore this store. I tend to go for cups and trinkets. You’ll be spoilt for choice.
#10 The Free Stuff
A foot rub, breakfast in bed, hot cups of tea (or beer) on tap, loads of cuddles and kisses, what more could a Dad ask for?!
So yeah, that’s my list. I hope it helps if you’re stuck for ideas. But always remember, it doesn’t matter what you do on Father’s Day for your Dad, because he thinks you’re ace no matter what. Don’t forget that.


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