10 Reasons to Visit The Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Harlow Carr.

10 Reasons to Visit The Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Harlow Carr.
RHS Garden with yellow and green flowers in the background.
*Thanks to RHS for free entrance in exchange for review.

We’ve recently been on a weekend away to Harrogate and we spent our Sunday afternoon wandering around The Royal Horticultural Society at Harlow Carr. It was a lovely afternoon, with lots to see and do.

So, rather than rattling on, I’ll let our photographs do the talking…

10 Reasons to Visit The Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Harlow Carr. 

1. Daffodils.

I’m not even from Wales, yet the sight of a daffodil bobbing in the wind reminds me of home. I was particularly homesick when I saw them in abundance at the RHS Garden, they’re so pretty, inviting and happy looking!

A yellow daffodil at RHS Harlow Carr

An array of daffodils with a blue building in the background at RHS

2. Blossom

Who doesn’t love blossom?! The mere sight of flowering trees makes me feel as though I’m in some sort of fairy-tale land. It’s pure beauty is breathtaking…

blossom on a tree at RHS

blossom on a tree at RHS
Molly stood amongst the blossom on the ground at RHS

3. Adventure

There are so many parks dotted around, with plenty for children to play with and discover. We found several fun and engaging areas…

A woman and young girl playing in a park at RHS
large wooden play area in the shape of a face and lots of daffodils at RHS.

 4. Hidden gems

There are so many little hidden gems to discover, from little faces to beautiful woodwork… have you found any in this gorgeous garden?

a little wooden face poking out between two trees at RHS.


Inside a hut, decorative wooden leaves up the pillar.

5. Breathtaking flowers and unusual plants

We saw so many strange and wonderful things as we wandered around, it really inspired me for the future (when we might have a big old garden!). 

pretty pink flowers in the woods at RHS.

6. Grand designs

This photograph reminds me of Trafalgar Square and a book I once read as a kid. It made me feel all fuzzy inside, and I think Molly was wooed by it also…

6 pillars, two lion statues and a little girl (Molly) walking up some steps,.

7. Fairies

We found this little home just before we left, but I imagine there are lots of other hidden magical places that we are yet to discover…

a little fairy door.

8. Troll bridges

There are so many bridges and George and Molly loved them! We had to play the troll bridge game, obviously! 

a landscape with a bridge and a little girl walking across it.

a bridge with two children on it an greenery all around.

9. Memories

There seemed to be a really beautiful vibe about the place, and when we stumbled upon this I just felt a surge of love. I’m not religious, but I see Mother Nature as our ‘god’, so this poem really touched me. Isn’t it true?

a stone with a poem in the garden at rhs. 'the kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

10. Freedom!

There’s so much space within the garden it’s unreal. George and Molly had so much fun running around and exploring. It was truly magical.

Green lawn with two children jumping up and down on it.

We loved our day out at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, have you been? Tell me in the comments what you loved the most…

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