10 Classic Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

With just over two weeks to go until Father’s Day, it’s time to start planning ahead and making sure you have the perfect gift for the perfect guy ahead of the big day. Even though I can’t take part in buying for my own Father any more, I can still put all my energy into making sure Warren has a fantastic day.

So, I’ve popped together a classic little gift guide to suit every budget and every kind of Dad, from the hairy ones to the beer drinking ones, we’ve got it covered! I really wanted to create a list of high quality, long lasting and pretty darn beautiful gifts, and I think I’ve done it…

1. A Gorgeous S’Well Flask…

S’Well is a brand that gets everything right in my opinion. Their gorgeous and classy bottle shaped flasks keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours. They come in two sizes, 0.5l and 0.75l and various colours, from green to teakwood like the one we received. It arrived in a funky cylindrical box, and I can’t bear to recycle it, I’m determined to find a use for it around the home…

I think this is the one gift I’d love to be receiving myself; it’s so cool looking and I love how versatile it is. It’s just a joy to hold and use, and I can’t see it ever losing its awesome look. I love the style and the wood print, I adore the fact that each one has a unique design AND it’s BPA and toxin free. 

But, the most amazing fact of all? S’Well plant a tree each time a bottle is sold. If that isn’t reason enough to buy one (or two or three?) I’m not sure what is!


I absolutely adore this bottle flask, and you can grab your very own from Amara for £35.00 (0.5l) or £45.00 (0.75l). It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to get one of my own!

2. A Lovely Suit From Dobell.

We were sent a lovely Dobell suit to test out and I just had to include it in the list. I think it’s a bit of an overlooked gift idea, and of course you have to have the right budget, but I think it’s an awesome idea for a gift. Imagine adding in a tie and shirt too? I think it would make any Dad’s day, don’t you?
I’m currently running a giveaway to win this lovely Mississippi Blue Slim Suit, so don’t forget to enter!


3. A Personalised Wooden Beer Trug…

Warren loves a delicious beer, so imagine having a personalised trug to store it in? I think these personalise trugs from Find Me A Gift make are pretty awesome, and Warren definitely agrees. You can add a personalised message up to 35 characters per line (70 total), we went for ‘Daddy’s Beer/Hands off’ because it seemed most appropriate, but you could add anything you like, such as ‘Daddy’s Beer Garden’ or ‘Daddy’s Relaxation Aid’. You could always change it up a bit if you wanted to add cider or wine or a spirit instead, or even a selection of fancy teas for those Dads who don’t drink (my Dad would have loved this option!).

They’re currently £29.99 (RRP £32.99) and I think they’re great
for adding that personal touch. You could add several different types
of beer, wine, tea samples, anything you can imagine would work, even
sweet cones!

I really love this and it’s so sturdy and well made I
can see it lasting a very long time (unlike the beer!).


4. Some Beard Love…

Warren’s beard is very much loved in this house, but despite this
it still requires some TLC. Warren adores Gruff Beard’s selection of
beard loving items, from their beard baubles to their lovely beard
combs he can’t get enough! This Father’s Day I think it’s a good idea
to focus on the texture and shine of his beard, so this fantastic
beard gift box is perfect!

Their packaging is always to die for, it’s literally a brown paper package tied up with string and I really think there’s
nothing more you could add to this as it looks so fab just the way it

 The box includes their classic all natural Sweet Almond Beard Oil,
Bergamot and Patchouli Beard Balm and French Green Clay Exfoliating
Beard Soap. You can choose different scents for both the balm and
soap as follows:

Beard Balm
Sandalwood & Cardamom
Bergamot and Patchouli
Cedarwood & Black Pepper
Sweet Orange, Mint & Coconut
Tea Tree & Peppermint


Beard Soap

Cleansing Green Tea
Goats Milk Moisturising Bar
Exfoliating French Green Clay

I think Warren will enjoy treating his beard this Father’s day, and the scents are just delightful. The Beard Balm in particular smells spicy and fresh and I can imagine not needing much in the way of aftershave after using it.

The set we received is currently on offer for £23.99 (RRP
£29.99) and you have the option to add a comb to the box (between
£3.00 and £11.99). 

To keep your beard trim there’s this lovely Damn Handsome Beard Kit from Amara. For only £25.00 you can make sure the Dad in your life’s beard is perfectly trim. With oil and balm to keep it soft and smooth, you also get a small pair of scissors and a cute moustache comb.

Here’s to keeping those beards well loved!

5. A Zap Cap!

This little gadget is amazing! You pop it on top of the bottle and press down firmly, then it springs back up and the lid has not only been removed but it’s dangling from the magnet so you can take it off easily without it falling onto the floor! We basically see this as a great excuse to crack open a beer on these lovely summer nights. 

Once again it’s the kind of gift you can use for multiple things,
from beer to juice, water or soft drinks, it’s not just about alcohol
with this nifty gadget. You can get yourself one of these fantastic Zap Caps from Find Me A Gift for only £12.99!


6. A Perfect Card…

I love giving people cards, whether handmade or bought, they’re the most personal part of any gift. They say things with words we may not often say to a person in day-to-day life, and they offer us a way to connect and say thank you, to reach out with our words on the page and show the ones we love just how much they mean to us. 


I simply love this funny and cute card, perfect for making any Dad feel special whilst also having fun. You Said It have such a fab collection of cards, for any occasion, and I loved this one for Father’s Day the most!  They have other, less tame cards, and don’t be surprised by the swearing, or the brutal honesty of their cards… That’s the whole bloomin’ point really, to have fun with words and make people (who haven’t had a sense of humour transplant) smile! 

This card was £2.99 and there was an option to print a message inside for an extra 75p. You can also pick the colour of the envelope and the postage costs between 66p and £1.90.   

7.A Perfect Pocket Watch…

though his nickname is Rockdaddy, Warren has a very traditional side.
He loves old fashioned, classic pieces and you just have to look at our
wedding photos to see how he likes to look when he’s all dressed up for a
special occasion! He has, for a very long time, wanted an engraved pocket watch and thanks to GiftsOnline4U we’ve finally found the perfect one. It arrived perfectly packaged and
ready for Father’s Day and I was so excited to open it to see how it
looked in real life. It’s so gorgeous, with a lovely long chain and
clasp to keep it safe when you’re out and about, Roman Numerals and it
comes with a free engraving. Warren absolutely adores it (as does George
who keeps trying to pocket it, excuse the pun!).

Isn’t it lovely? I love that you can have a personal message engraved (4 lines with
18 characters per line) on the back. It’s really easy to order and
arrived within a few days packaged in a gorgeous silver box. This
watch is great gift and for £49.99 you really can’t go wrong. I’d
probably choose this as a main gift and then buy or make some simple
add-ons to go with it, it really does stand alone as a gift.

I can just see it partnered with Warren’s Dobell suit, such a
perfect and timeless match. He’s certainly going to look very smart
on Father’s Day this year!

8. A Thoughtful Print. 

I love displaying pictures, photographs and prints around the house. They add such a sense of warmth, they’re inviting and they offer a snippet of our personality to newcomers when they first come into our home. I really love The Card Gallery for prints, and this one is pretty perfect for Father’s Day…

I love the font and the quality of the print as well as the general vibe, and I know it will look perfect in our home. It’s also a constant reminder of how much Warren means to George and Molly (a lot!). 

This print costs £10 without a frame and £30 with. I think I’d probably order it with a frame, because it’s sometimes difficult to get the right sized and shape. I think we will spend the rest of this week making a frame to go with it during our craft sessions, ready to unveil it to Warren on the big day.

The Card Gallery allow you to change the colour of the text and offer a choice of frames. They also sell lots of other great gift idea, such as cards and invitiations, and they offer FREE UK delivery! What more could you ask for?

9. Handmade Gifts…

We love making gifts as much as buying them, and of course, all the items on the list so far are pretty unique and certainly not the kind of things we’d make huddled together around our craft table tangled in ribbon and covered in glitter!

But, as well as buying gifts for Warren, we like to make them too! So we’ll be spending the next week or so crafting and creating and sharing all our ‘makes’ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Today we started off with some Shrinkies, George and Molly  made cool keyrings for Warren…

Molly has also been working on a mini sculpture of him (remember the sculpture in the music video of Lionel Richie’s Hello? Yep, a bit like that but smaller, much smaller…).  

10. Hugs And Kisses…

No matter what your budget, hugs and kisses are the most amazing way to top off Father’s Day!

I really hope you love my list as much as I do Warren does, and no matter your budget, there’s something out there for every deserving Dad. 
Here’s to a wonderful Father’s Day full of thoughtful gifts, kisses, hugs and so much love! 
Disclosure: I received products to review/feature on my gift list. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.



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